total station

N80 (NTS-382R10)

Key Features
• 1km Long range reflectorless
• 3.5" Large Dual Sharp-screen HD Display
• 5000m/5km distance range with single prism
• 200,000.00 points memory data Upload/Download
• Bluetooth, SD Card, USB Cable and RS232 Interface
• Complete Surveying/Construction/Road Programs on board
• Electronic Bubble; Direct data plotting on main screen
• Alphanumeric Keys for Easy and Quick Data Input
• MS Windows Compatible; GPS data ready
• Data Text, DXF, CSV / AutoCAD Ready
2x-Battery packed (Rechargeable)
1x-Quick Charger
1x-SOUTH Software
1x-USB Downloading Cable
1x-SD Card (2GB)
1x-Operation Manual
1x-Calibrating tools
1x-Aluminum Tripod (Triple lock)
1x-Prism with holder & Target
1x-Rangepole, 3m
3x-Reflector sheet